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With an infectious passion for hair and an array of experience that has taken him around the globe to hone, Joshua Rossignol has finally returned to his hometown of Dallas to open Rossi Park alongside his friend and co-conspirator, Natalia Gucciardo.


Joshua got his start with Toni and Guy in the late 90's and then apprenticed at the world renowned Josè Eber salons, where he mastered the art of Balayage and the French style of dressing and cutting hair.


Joshua has spent the last several years splitting time between New York City, Aspen, and Dallas, providing his trademark in-salon style and color expertise; as well as session styling for fashion, print and video production. In addition, as one of the hair industry’s leading experts, he has traveled and educated as part of his long-standing association with L'Oreal Professionnel.


Joshua brings this progressive, on-trend style and attitude to the women of Dallas. He has an absolute gift for transforming not only a woman’s hair, but her entire image.


When he isn’t tearing up a ski mountain or disappearing for a weekend-long hike, Joshua is lending his time and talents to the causes of nature conservation and PlasticChallenge.Org, an organization which he founded to raise awareness of the negative impact of plastics on the environment.

Joshua’s absolute love of life and love of hair is hard to resist. 

Follow him on Instagram: @Joshua_Rossignol


A native of Russia, Natalia earned a Master's degree in architecture before a friend's encouragement led her to turn her artistic eye to the world of hair. After winning numerous hair industry awards in Russia, she met and fell in love with an American and move to the USA in 2003.


Her career in the USA started with the Dessange group at Dessange Paris in Austin, TX. She moved to Dallas in 2006 and was a creative force at Jose Eber for 10 years.


After offering multiple hair services in the past, she decided to turn her focus to cut and style. 


"If you want to be good in what you do, then find your specialty and keep mastering it"


After being a hair stylist for over 20 years, she decided to begin the next chapter of her life and accepted Joshua's invitation to be his business partner. They quickly realized that they shared an identical vision of a salon business model and formed what is now Rossi Park.


Natalia loves her clients and takes a great deal of pride in what she does. Her goal as a hairstylist is to make her clients feel comfortable secure and special by personalizing a hairstyle to suit their individuality. Her goal is for Rossi Park to be an environment where every client feels special and every stylists feel like they're at their second home.


Natalia loves to spend time with her family and her dog, Mojo. She discovered the healing power of yoga and has made it a daily part of her life.

Follow her on Instagram: @Natalia_Gucciardo

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Lexie was born in Kansas and grew up in Dallas. She moved to Austin, Texas as soon as she turned 18, to attend Texas State University. Being placed in her student teaching position she at the same time decided to contact the new Aveda Institute (which had only been open a month back then). By the end of the tour she was registered for cosmetology school, starting her career in the beauty industry (she still was wearing a pink construction hat until the building was finished being fully renovated.) Whether it was being born in the same city that The Wizard of Oz was filmed in, her grandmother owning the town beauty parlor...or having three sisters-all things beauty related ran thick in her blood and the stars aligned for her to graduate from Aveda in 2011. Graduating at top-tier/salon-ready performance she jumped right into doing hair and has been a licensed cosmetologist for 12 years, working for and learning from some of the top stylists of Texas.

Lexie specializes in balayage, power blonde foil, and she is the best with color correction. She believes that hair should be our best accessory and is confident she can help her clients to achieve their hair goals and have some fun at the same time.

In her spare time she is with her boys exploring the city and spending time with family and friends. She likes to travel, ski (snow or water), live-music and good food.

Follow Lexie on Instagram @lexieloxx






Lauren is a small-town girl who moved to Dallas in 2005 to start her hair journey
with Toni & Guy. While she loves to do color from time-to-time, her true passion
lies in on-trend haircuts that grow out effortlessly.


She truly feels that if you’re not constantly learning and refining your craft, you
are actually moving backwards. As a stylist, Lauren’s goal is to provide guests
with the tools necessary to be the best versions of themselves.


Lauren is married and has a two-year-old daughter named Sullivan. When she’s
not working, you can find her riding bikes with her family, trying a new Pinterest
recipe, or catching up on the latest true-crime podcast.


Follow Lauren on IG: @laurengrae






Zachary Phillips began his career in Houston, TX before making his way to the Big D in 2013. He specializes in tailored hair cutting and dimensional hair color. Zachary’s foundational craft was developed through extensive education with Sassoon, Arrojo, L’Oreal, Deva Curl, and fellow veteran stylists. His work has been featured in both domestic and international fashion publications. Being a Louisiana native, Zachary knows the importance of hospitality. With a deep understanding for conversation and consultation, Zachary works with his clients to help them achieve their ultimate hair goals.

When he’s not behind the chair, Zachary enjoys spending time with his husband, his dog, and his reigning queen, Lady Gaga (rah-rah, baby)!

Follow Zach on IG: @zphillips




Josephine graduated from Toni & Guy Academy and got her Cosmetology license in 2019. She got her men’s cuts education at Blade Craft Barber Academy in 2022. She completed her apprenticeship program at Dear Clark, and got numerous color classes from Goldwell L’Oreal and curly cuts from Innersense Organic Beauty.

Josephine decided to take the hair career path because she was inspired by her aunt, talented and well-known Dallas hairstylist. More than anything else Josephine loves to work with curly and textured hair, this is what she wants to be known for. She enjoys barber cuts, Brazilian blowouts and just anything about color services.

From the first moment Josephine visited Rossi Park she fell in love with the modern minimalistic twist of the design and versatility of clients and stylists there. She immediately decided this is the place she wants to build her hair career.

Outside of work she loves crochet, watching movies, roller skating. Josephine has a deep appreciation for the family and always feels a strong support in all aspects of her life. 

Follow Josephine on Instagram @lefthandedscizzors






Native of Ukraine, Anna was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Kherson situated on the Black Sea. She moved to the US in 2021 to Washington DC. She’s been visiting her Dallas’s friends for holidays and just fell in love with the city and its vibes.

She’s got her degree in social networking  and public relationship but always felt she belonged to the world of beauty. She thought that as a nail artist she would share her creativity with the world through intricate and unique nail design.

With more than 12 years of experience, Anna is known for her precision and attention to details and absolute cleanliness. Her creativity knows no bounds, she skillfully combines colors, textures, and patterns to create stunning and eye-catching nails. With a warm and friendly personality, Anna instantly puts her clients at ease, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Anna loves sports. Every morning she starts with a light workout. She says that exercise keeps her refreshed, focused and feeling her best throughout the day. She also loves to read, good movies, dancing, traveling and spending time with friends.

One of Anna's biggest dreams is to bring her mother who still lives in Ukraine to the US so they could live closer together. She’s been dreaming to try parasailing for years as she believed that it would help her to overcome her fear of heights. She performed her first jump recently and is now ready for her next accomplishments.






Trisha received her primary education with DJ Muldoon at Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, California, and completed her Apprenticeship Program at Jose Eber in Dallas. The list of her continued education is truly countless and quite impressive - Justin Anderson, Nikki Lee & Riawna Capri, Fredrick Fakki, just to name a few. 

Trisha’s love for beautiful hair is what drives her on daily. Precision cut and style, numerous coloring techniques, very special love to The Kacey Welch Method hair extensions plus her incredible personality - this is what she added to Rossi Park.

When not working, Trisha enjoys traveling with her husband, home design and spending time with 2 of her adorable 2 boys. 

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Rossi Park Hair Stylists each have unique talents and expertise.
We love what we do and are dedicated to the craft of hair transformation and maintenance.
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