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Introducing Innersense Organic Beauty At Rossi Park

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Innersense organic beauty has just been added to amazing hair care collections here at Rossi Park. What made us bring this product to our salon?

  • Innersense Organic Beauty is a certified Green company and we love to be a part of eco-friendly mission

  • It's a vegan, organic, cruelty-free product made using certified organic plant ingredients formulated and processed without synthetics to preserve the purity

  • Great variety of styling products to enhance the natural beauty of curls

In this blog, we would like to introduce the shampoo(hairbath)/conditioner groups. What a beautiful simplicity - there are only 3 types of those.

1. Pure Harmony Hairbath/Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner - contains the most protein, provides light hydration and gentle cleansing for fine/medium hair.

2. Color Awakening Hairbath/Color Radiance Daily Conditioner - specifically designed for color-treated hair, revitalizes color and provides medium hydration and gentle cleansing.

3. Hydrating Cream Hairbath/Hydrating Cream Conditioner - luxurious hydration for thick thirsty hair. This line is the best suited to most curly hair types.

We enjoy this clean product with gentle refreshing smell. We initially brought this line to Rossi Park with curly hair products in mind but it would truly benefit just about any type of hair.

- Natalia Gucciardo

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