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Spring Fling

As we all prepare to come out of our winters hibernation we stare into our reflection realizing that some things we have put on the back burner, like our hair. But do not fret all is not lost! Spring is upon us and it’s time to show it with reviving those locks of ours. I’m going to give you my top 4 trends from cuts to colors so that you have all the tools you need to impress that new spring fling!

hair style 2019

#1. Shoulders. Shoulders. Shoulders.

Fix those drab dead ends drastically with a nice chop to the shoulders. This is one of my favorite trends and is hitting Hollywood in a big way from the new captain marvel star Brie Larson to Margo Robbie . It’s a nice way to start you hair off fresh and is liberating for any woman wanting to start new!

#2. Chins Up.

Feeling a little braver take the style to the chin. Get that French girl chic look with this daring look that gives you the immediate European look and having all the heads turn.

#3. Color Me Dark.

Charlize Theron, Emma Roberts, and even Game of Thrones Emilia Clark have all shown the dark side isn’t just for fall. Dare to be different, step out of the box. All the cool kids are doing it!

#4. Less is More.

On the flip side of things you don’t always have to make a big change to make a big impact on your look. Take that mousy to classy with a few balayage pieces to frame your face and give you that added pop you’ve been looking for. Just in time to grab your girls, find the nearest patio and order that bottle of rose you’ve been waiting for all winter!

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